Advantages of Titanium eyewear



Why Titanium eyewear?

[qode_workflow animate=”yes”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ subtitle_tag=”h2″ image_float=”yes” title=”EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE” image=”2352″ circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#ffffff” text=”Great comfort and perfect fit.
Safest glasses to use.
Adjustable titanium wire holds the nose pads.
Flexible titanium temples: unique patented zigzag design for comfort and ease of adjustment.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ subtitle_tag=”h3″ image_float=”yes” title=”DURABLE” image=”2351″ text=”Titanium is a strong material and lasts long.
The perfect choice if you are wearing glasses on a regular basis.
Impact resistant.
Stand extreme weather conditions.
Ideal for sports.
Frames for life.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ subtitle_tag=”h3″ image_float=”yes” title=”ULTRA LIGHT” image=”2350″ text=”Though it is strong, it weighs less.
Extremely light frames.
You almost forget you are wearing them.
Minimalism design.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ subtitle_tag=”h4″ image_float=”yes” title=”HYPOALLERGENIC” image=”2348″ text=”BEAT allergies.
Titanium eyewear does not cause irritation.
Biocompatible.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ subtitle_tag=”h4″ image_float=”yes” title=”NORDIC DESIGN” image=”2349″ text=”Contemporary touch to classic titanium frames.
Bright colour range.
Temples tips available in vibrant color options.
Nordic-influenced minimalist collection.
Patented zigzag temples.”][/qode_workflow]

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